EUROPA-CENTER is erecting a 34,000-square-metre office and business building in Frankfurt Gateway Gardens

Biggest sales success of Gateway Gardens / Proportion of office space in Gateway Gardens substantially increased.

EUROPA-CENTER AG has acquired an 8,500-square-metre site in Frankfurt’s new district Gateway Gardens, in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport. The current plans for the “EUROPA-CENTER Gateway Gardens” project are for an office and business ensemble measuring around 34,000 square metres to be erected in a prominent location on Amelia-Mary-Earhart-Strasse. This constitutes the biggest marketing success so far in terms of office space in the history of Frankfurt Gateway Gardens.

Construction work for the first phase of the project is scheduled to begin in late 2017. The plan is for two construction phases in all. The budgeted investment volume will total 100 million euros. With this transaction, Gateway Gardens is above all increasing its proportion of office space quite substantially.

“By purchasing this site in Frankfurt Gateway Gardens, we have laid the foundations for developing a new property of the EUROPA-CENTER real estate group, in addition to those in Berlin, Barcelona, Bremen, Hamburg and Essen,” to quote Ralf-Jörg Kadenbach, Member of the Management Board of EUROPA-CENTER AG and responsible for Project Development, Leasing and Administration.

The decision in favour of Gateway Gardens was driven by the high-quality urban-development and architectural concept, together with an attractively varied utilisation profile. For EUROPA-CENTER AG, this was the crucial point, since as a developer and a portfolio owner the company invests primarily in locations with very good development prospects. This is part of a more-than-40-year-old corporate strategy.

“The special features of Gateway Gardens – its reachability, its urban sophistication, its internationality – are reflected in a continuingly buoyant level of demand.

This means we have been able to reach a marketing quota of more than 44 per cent. In the year 2016 alone, Gateway Gardens upped its marketing quota by about 10 per cent. Although 2017 is still young, we’re already lining up some additional specific marketing deals,” says Dr. Kerstin Hennig, Managing Director of Gateway Gardens and responsible for marketing.

Given its abundance of advantages, she continues, the location is much in demand, as exemplified by Kion. This globally operating mechanical engineering company, among the market leaders in the field of warehousing technology in Europe, is currently building its new global headquarters in Gateway Gardens.

To quote Christian Balletshofer, Divisional Manager Property at Fraport AG: “The economy in the Rhine-Main region just keeps on growing. This benefits the airport, with its Airport City, and Frankfurt’s new district Gateway Gardens most particularly. After all, in a globalised world, transportation links are for many internationally operating companies a crucial requirement when it comes to choosing a location, and Gateway Gardens is probably the most mobile and best-connected place in Europe.”

Gateway Gardens, with its 700,000 square metres of planned gross floor space on an area of 35 hectares, is one of the biggest ongoing district development projects in Germany. Frankfurt’s new quarter is located at the centre-point of the major transportation axes: at Frankfurt/Rhine-Main international airport, at the nation’s biggest airport railway station, and at Germany’s biggest motorway intersection. In 2019, moreover, the rapid transit link currently under construction will be completed, with its own Gateway Gardens station.




About the EUROPA-CENTER property group

The EUROPA-CENTER property group, headquartered in Hamburg, operates as an investor, developer and portfolio owner of high-quality office and business buildings, hotels, business apartments, plus logistical and commerce premises. Currently, EUROPA-CENTER owns and manages office and business properties in Hamburg, Barcelona, Berlin, Bremen, Bremerhaven and Essen. Under the EUROPA-CENTER brand, 20 buildings have so far been developed, with a total construction volume of approximately 360,000 m². Besides the growth of our property group at the existing locations, new properties, both national and international, are being acquired: Hanover, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich, Madrid, Lisbon. More information under:


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About Gateway Gardens

Gateway Gardens is an international business quarter directly adjacent to Frankfurt International Airport. Situated in the heart of Europe, one of the continent’s biggest quarter development projects in an airport city is taking shape here, with total floor space of 700,000 square metres on an area of 35 hectares. Gateway Gardens was the first business quarter to be awarded the DGNB certificate for its sustainability. Gateway Gardens is backed by the joint involvement of Fraport AG, Gross & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH and Frankfurt am Main City Council. Since completion of the first building in Gateway Gardens in 2008, 44 per cent of the space has already been marketed. Meanwhile, there are around 5,000 people working at the companies located in Gateway Gardens.


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