Gateway Gardens bekommt S-Bahn-Anschluss

10. September 2014

Gateway Gardens to be Hooked up to Metro Railway System

Just days ago, the financing agreement for the construction of the metro railway line serving Gateway Gardens was signed by the State of Hesse, the City of Frankfurt am Main, the rail carrier Deutsche Bahn, and the RMV integrated transit authority for the Rhine-Main metro area. The agreement secures the public transport access of this new district of Frankfurt to the rapid transit system of the Rhine-Main metro area as well as to regional and long-distance rail service connections. As it is, the new urban quarter is today already frequented by more than 4,000 commuters working here; 18.000 to be expected upon completion. Initial work for the construction of the rapid transit line is already under way. The official ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled for early 2015, the completion and commissioning of the station for 2019.

Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main, highlighted the benefits for local residents: The rapid transit station will make Gateway Gardens the most conveniently accessed office location in Europe. We feel that great public transport access is as important as any other form of connectivity here. The rapid transit line will let the people working at Gateway Gardens benefit from a short and quick commute to their workplaces. This means that the new district will finally be in close touch with the city's core in terms of transportation.

Stefan Majer, Head of the Transport Department of the City of Frankfurt, also stressed the perks for the new district location: This makes Gateway Gardens not just one of the most centrally located sites in Germany or indeed Europe, but makes it superbly accessible by any means of transportation.

Gateway Gardens is characterised by its unique mobility at one of the most important international hubs. Owing to its prominent location, the excellent network integration of this site into the economically strong Rhine-Main region is unmatched anywhere in Germany or anywhere else in Europe. The quarter represents a genuine Gateway to Europe. The rapid transit system will specifically boost the regional connections, and will thus be a blessing for commuters and other travellers, explained Dr. Kerstin Hennig, Managing Director of Grundstücksgesellschaft Gateway Gardens.

The commute from Gateway Gardens and the Airport to downtown Frankfurt via the rapid transit system will take just a few minutes. In addition to the employees and hotel guests frequenting Gateway Gardens, many of the 78,000 people working at the airport and of the 150,000 air travellers per day stand to benefit from the new line as well.

Being integrated into the rapid transit system will boost Gateway Gardens' position as one of the most mobile and most centrally located corporate locations in Europe. The construction of the rapid transit line is of particular significance for investors. We have noted this because the news have triggered a noticeable surge in interest shown by companies who consider relocating their headquarters here, and an increased number of requests for information, Hennig went on to say. In the time since the completion of the first building in 2008, more than 30 percent of the space at this new business quarter of Frankfurt and part of the Airport City Frankfurt have already been marketed.

Integration into the rapid transit system will further enhance the anyway great accessibility of Gateway Gardens within the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main metro region. Tenants and students at the House of Logistics and Mobility will also take advantage of it, said Oliver Kraft, Managing Director of HOLM (House of
Logistics and Mobility). He added that the idea for a quarter marked by a campus-like ambience and urban flair, planned as a one-stop effort, is gradually
coming to life. Experts and scientists representing corporates and universities collaborate in project groups at HOLM, taking a cross-industry and interdisciplinary approach to find hands-on solutions for a sustainable logistics and mobility concept. The HOLM moved into its new premises on 03 June 2014.

Other occupiers already in place at Gateway Gardens include, for instance, the headquarters of DB Schenker, the main production facility of LSG Sky Chefs, the world's largest provider of airline catering, and the head office of the building services engineering firm Imtech.

Among the pioneers of Gateway Gardens is also the group head office of Condor Flugdienst GmbH complete with flight operations centre, training centre and flight simulator. The option of a future rapid transit station played a key role in our selection of the optimal location. After all, easy access to public transportation is a particularly important aspect in the context of your attractiveness as an employer. So this is not the least of our reasons for
deciding to set up our global headquarters at Gateway Gardens, said Ralf Teckentrup, CEO of Condor Flugdienst GmbH.

Last year, the EU Commission confirmed the positive assessment of the site's significance in transportation policy terms. EU subsidies have been made available for the project with a view to the important integration of the new district into the Trans-European Rail network. In this connection, the European Commission highlighted particularly the enhanced connectivity of Frankfurt Airport with its international service connections.

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By 2019, the rapid transit station of Gateway Gardens is planned to be operational

[Translate to English:] 2019 soll die S-Bahn Station von Gateway Gardens in Betrieb gehen

Hintergrundinformation zu Gateway Gardens
Gateway Gardens ist das Global Business Village im Herzen von Europa und mit 700.000 Quadratmetern projektierter Bruttogeschossfläche auf einem Areal von 35 Hektar eine der größten Quartiersentwicklungen in einer Airport City in Europa.
Gateway Gardens war bis 2005 das Wohngebiet für Angehörige und Familien der US-Luftstreitkräfte der ehemaligen US Air Base Rhein-Main. Inzwischen ist das Gebiet nicht nur ein Quartier der Frankfurt Airport City, sondern als Frankfurt-Gateway Gardens auch offiziell ein neuer Stadtteil der Mainmetropole. Hinter Gateway Gardens steht das gemeinschaftliche Engagement der Fraport AG, der Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, der OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH sowie der Stadt Frankfurt am Main.
Seit Fertigstellung des ersten Gebäudes in Gateway Gardens, dem Cateringwerk der LSG Sky Chefs im Jahr 2008, konnten bereits 30 Prozent der Flächen vermarktet werden. Inzwischen arbeiten über 4.000 Menschen in den in Gateway Gardens ansässigen Unternehmen. Nach Ende der Vermarktung werden es 16.000 bis 18.000 Menschen sein.

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