Topping-out ceremony for the headquarters of the KION Group in Gateway Gardens

The new Gateway Gardens district at Frankfurt Airport continues to grow: with the topping-out ceremony, the new headquarters of the KION Group, an internationally operating mechanical engineering conglomerate, today celebrated an important milestone. The

The new Gateway Gardens district at Frankfurt Airport continues to grow:

with the topping-out ceremony, the new headquarters of the KION Group, an internationally operating mechanical engineering conglomerate, today celebrated an important milestone. The world’s leading vendor of fork-lift trucks, warehousing technology and automated delivery chain solutions is renting the entire building on a long-term tenancy. Completion and handing over to the tenant are scheduled for the third quarter of 2017.

A joint property company owned by OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH and Gross & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbh is erecting the S-shaped building, with approx. 7,800 square metres of above-ground floor space. It will feature seven storeys above ground and two below, with an underground garage. The “saw-toothed” façade has a high recognition value. It creates a holographic effect, looking either accessibly patterned or (with colour effects) closed up, depending from which angle the windows are being viewed.

City Councillor Markus Frank opened the ceremony in his function as Head of the Economic Affairs Department in Frankfurt am Main’s municipal administration. Besides Klaus Kirchberger, Board Chairman of OFB, who spoke on behalf of the building’s owners OFB and Gross & Partner, the approximately 120 guests were also welcomed by Uwe Bordt, Managing Director of the architects BGF+, and Michael Hauger, Head of Corporate Communications at the tenant, the KION Group. Sabrina Bach of the construction company Adolf Lupp GmbH + Co KG then gave the ceremonial topping-out speech and requested the traditional blessing for the building now being erected.

“The settlement of the world market leader KION is an enrichment for Gateway Gardens, and an interesting, highly welcome gain for Frankfurt am Main as a whole. Gateway Gardens scores highly, of course, with its location, particularly for internationally operating enterprises like the KION Group. The upcoming light-rail link is another major plus for settlement success, which was ultimately one of the factors behind our being able to hold the topping-out ceremony for the group’s new headquarters here today,” emphasised Markus Frank in his speech.

On behalf of building’s owners OFB and Gross & Partner, Klaus Kirchberger thanked the companies involved and not least the numerous construction workers: “Our thanks go to all of you for ensuring that the new building can be erected on schedule. It is already becoming apparent that more and more life is entering the Gateway Gardens district. We’re meanwhile looking forward to as many as 250 employees of KION.”

For the KION Group, Michael Hauger, Head of Corporate Communications and Project Manager for KION’s future group headquarters, emphasised: “I am confident that this striking building provides the KION Group with a high level of visibility. For the staff at headquarters, it will be an extremely attractive workplace – both for the present-day employees and for their future new colleagues. The excellent transportation links, in particular, underline our corporate focus as a globally operating company.”

Uwe Bordt explained the constructional advantages of the new office building: “With its S-shaped ground plan, the multifaceted façade design, and its up-to-the-future office environment, the building reflects an architectural language responsively tailored to a modern-day internationally operating conglomerate. The building’s interior creates a contemporary-style spatial configuration with multifunctional office areas, conducive to flexible working and enhanced communication.”

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About Gateway Gardens

Gateway Gardens is an international business quarter directly adjacent to Frankfurt International Airport. Situated in the heart of Europe, one of the continent’s biggest quarter development projects in an airport city is taking shape here, with total floor space of 700,000 square metres on an area of 35 hectares. In October 2014, Gateway Gardens was the first business quarter to be awarded the DGNB certificate for its sustainability. Gateway Gardens is backed by the joint involvement of Fraport AG, Gross & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH and Frankfurt am Main City Council. Since completion of the first building in Gateway Gardens in 2008, 34 per cent of the space has already been marketed. Meanwhile, there are around 5,000 people working at the companies located in Gateway Gardens.

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