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Gateway Gardens is rethinking the workplace as such.

With high comfort and perfect connections.

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What does modern location mean?

A good infrastructure is one thing, the green location with high recreational value is another. Gateway Gardens combines both to create a modern working environment that leaves hardly anything to be desired.

We believe the quality of an environment affects people’s well-being – and the way they work.This is why we have created a location that combines various benefits in one holistic concept.

Gateway Gardens actively puts people and their needs at the heart of its philosophy

Gateway Gardens is an invitation to think big and new. The spacious areas in the greenery, the open campus character of the quarter and the extraordinary, modern architectural environment are inspiring.

Gateway Gardens, a location steeped in history, reinvented.

Part of the US airbase and the “Gateway to Europe” from 1945 to 2004, it is now an innovative quarter that is not just conveniently located but also an attractive place to visit, well-connected and home to a fantastic business community

The tower of the former Rhein-Main Air Base
View of the extended eastern terminal facility around 1960
Highway sign for the US air base
The Rhein-Main Air Base was once the largest base of the United States Air Force outside of the USA. Operations at the base ended in 2005
The first American family moves into Gateway Gardens on July 12th, 1950
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