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walk from Gateway Gardens to Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport


and more pass Gateway Gardens every morning

A workplace is
only as good as its accessibility.

There are many ways to get to
Gateway Gardens:

S-Bahn station
2.2-hectare park with beautiful old trees
Lufthansa aircraft at the Frankfurt Airport
Own highway connection to the Frankfurter Kreuz interchange
Modern parking garage with 1,250 spaces and 65 charging stations for electric vehicles
Connection to the S8 and S9 towards Wiesbaden and Frankfurt central station

By rail or bus

Gateway Gardens has its own dedicated rail and bus stops, making it easy to get from door to door by public transport.

S-Bahn (S8/S9)

  • Terminal 1
    2 min
  • Frankfurt
    Central Station
    10 min
  • Wiesbaden
    37 min
  • Niederrad
    Central Station
    6 min

By car

With its own highway access, Gateway Gardens offers a direct connection for those who drive to work.

Distance by car

  • Frankfurt
    Central Station
    15 min
  • Wiesbaden
    25 min
  • Mainz
    30 min
  • Hanau
    25 min
  • Bad Homburg
    20 min

By bike

Probably the best way to get to work: riding your bike through the city forest directly adjoining Gateway Gardens.

Distance by bike

  • Frankfurt
    Central Station
    35 min
  • Griesheim
    25 min
  • Niederrad
    20 min
  • Kelsterbach
    20 min

Gateway Gardens, one of the
best-connected locations in Europe.

Germany’s largest aviation hubon its doorstep with regional and long-distance rail links from theconnected station, its own S-Bahnstation, and the A3 and A5 nearby. It would be hard to get better connected than this.

  • Frankfurt Airport
    Germany’s largest commercial airport. From here, everywhere is within reach.

  • ICE station + own S-Bahn station
    Direct connections to regional and long-distance transport.

  • A3/A5 highway interchange
    Get on your way quickly via the Frankfurt interchange with the A3 and A5

  • Modern parking garage
    Sustainable parking garage with 1,250 spaces and 65 charging stations for electric vehicles.

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“My workplace isn’t
exactly in the city. Is
that a disadvantage? Absolutely not.”