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Life & leisure


Cafés & restaurants
5 restaurants, 2 public canteens, 4 cafés/bistros,
1 snack bar, 3 bars


Supermarket, bakery, Luggage Gallery

Everything you need for day-to-day life.

From cafés, restaurants and a supermarket to a bilingual daycare center for children.

Like any good district, Gateway Gardens has everything you could ever need – or want – for your day-to-day life, from a good café round the corner to a bilingual day-care center for children. It also boasts a large, modern supermarket, a whole host of stores and, of course, there is Frankfurt Airport City at the nearby airport – a well-established infrastructure that Gateway Gardens fits right into.

  • Cafés & restaurants
  • Hotels / conferences
  • Services
  • Park / City forest

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Conference & meeting
Cafés & restaurants
Infrastructure & parking
Nature & well-being

Overview of all locations

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to restaurants and cafés.

Fortunately, Gateway Gardens has something for everyone.

Anyone wanting to indulge will be spoiled for choice in the quarter and the neighboring Airport City – have a close look at all locations in our gallery!
Meals freshly prepared each day:
from salads to a range of lunches that
rotate daily at Lindberg’s Café.

From Hyatt Place
to ipartment.

There are lots of benefits to having
a wide range of hotels nearby.

Whether it is overnight accommodation for visiting business partners and customers, outstanding restaurants or external conference facilities: The hotels in Gateway Gardens make a smart addition to company offices.
Enjoy spacious, quiet and
comfortable rooms at
Hyatt Place Frankfurt Airport.

Gateway Gardens has everything you need
to make life easier.

Good services make a great
location even better.

Gateway Gardens boasts a wide range of shopping options - from food to lifestyle. A good daycare center for children and a medical center are not to be missed, too.
The bilingual daycare centre
"Rainbow Shuttle" offers a special place
even for the youngest in Gateway Gardens.

Its own park and
the city forest right
next door.

The perfect work-life balance.

The large park with its beautiful old trees and the neighboring city forest offer plenty of space to relax, for instance with a short walk or a jog between meetings – or to wind down after work.
Lots of opportunities for exercise,
such as jogging, walking or cycling
in the surrounding green spaces.

“When I feel good, I work better. A harmonious environment and good work-life balance help with that.”

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